About Adwerx

Our mission is to empower any business to compete in our connected world through brilliantly simple digital advertising.


Where we started

Adwerx has some serious rock star roots. 

Launched in 2013, Adwerx honed its craft inside ReverbNation, a creator of business tools for independent musicians co-founded in 2006 by CEO, Jed Carlson. 

In January 2015 Adwerx spun out of ReverbNation and has since been focused on providing digital marketing tools that are effective and accessible to everyone.

Years later, we continue to push ourselves to accomplish great things at the intersection of business and digital advertising. We’re committed to creating the simplest solutions and best experiences for customers, leaving a positive wake wherever we go. 

15 Billion+

ad impressions served








Core Values

+ We leave a positive wake

We go out of our way to leave everyone with a smile. We are an inclusive bunch that builds genuine connections, regardless of our differences. We inspire our teammates by working hard, staying humble and making those around us shine. When we face speed bumps, we recognize the problem and put our energy into focusing on the solution. Through continuous nurturing of positive interactions in ourselves and with each other, our customers and partners will experience the best of what Adwerx has to offer.

+ We take ownership

We hold our team, our reputation, and our work to the highest of standards because they are not only a reflection of us, but also a reflection of the commitments we make to our customers and partners. When asked “who’s going to own this?”, the hands go up. We hold ourselves accountable for following through, and we have the courage to hold each other accountable. We are empowered to explore new ideas and fulfill the responsibility of our commitments. Most importantly, we inspire each other to rise to the challenge and embrace making decisions regardless of their difficulty.

+ We seek the truth

Seeking the truth is the foundation of decision-making at Adwerx. We know there are many ways to interpret data, so we never get attached to any one conclusion. With every major decision, we probe gaps in knowledge, whiteboard possibilities, listen to every voice, and break down assumptions to answer our questions as precisely as possible. When our knowledge evolves, we are bold enough to alter course and ask questions that challenge our previous understanding. We recognize the importance of making decisions, even when consensus cannot be reached, and we all commit to the path forward once a decision is made. Our decisions are grounded in truth, allowing us to proceed with confidence and integrity.

+ We embrace growth

We enthusiastically embrace the challenge of growing our business and our individual careers. We actively seek out and celebrate new opportunities to hone our craft and gain new experiences. Our intrinsic curiosity and drive to innovate allow us to tackle the unknown with tenacity, whether it's learning to write a new programming language or to more effectively communicate with customers. Providing guidance and coaching to each other helps all of us build our knowledge and improve our customers' experience. We share what we learn so that we can grow as a team. Growth in ourselves, in our business, and with our customers is the challenge that binds us together.




Jed Carlson

Chief Executive Officer


Liz Shih

Chief Financial Officer


Nick Sehn

Chief Operating Officer


Jay Hall

Chief Revenue Officer



Chief Technology Officer